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Who we are?

We are the employment-based fifth category (EB-5) immigrant investors, each of whom has created or will create at least ten jobs for Americans. In fact, according to the Department of Commerce, on average, each investor has created 16 jobs in past years.

We are victims of the decade-old, broken and unfair immigration system. According to the Department of State, many investors are facing visa backlogs for more than 10 years or even 16 years. The backlog is getting more and more severe. In fact, some countries’ investors are expecting a visa backlog for more than 30 years.

We are upright, law-abiding and diligent persons. We abide by laws and up-hold U.S values. We work hard to acquire savings and earn qualifications to participate in the EB-5 program. We want to contribute our intelligence and diligence to the USA as Americans instead of as foreigners.

What the Congress can do
to restore the fairness of the EB-5 program

Green card recapture

Recapture Green Cards wasted by USCIS & DHS

remove country-cap

Eliminate Per Country Cap from Employment Based Category

Exempt Dependents

Exempt Dependents in Employment Based Immigration

Combo Card and Children Age Freezing

Issue EAD–Employment Authorization Documentations and re-entry permits to I-526 approved investors,freeze EB-5 investor children’s age

What the USCIS can do
to improve the fairness of the EB-5 program

Real transparency

Disclose the real-time data of backlog for both I-526 petitioners and I-526 receivers on these 5 dimensions: I-526 status, the origin of country, priority date, principles and derivatives.

Pre-review of I-829 job creation

For petitioners from retrogressed countries, at the time upon their applications of job creation review, or upon the first filing of I-829 in the same JCE, pre-review job creation for the investors’ I-829 petition. If job creation has been fulfilled, USCIS sends notice to the investor and relieves any continuing binding requirements with regional centers.

No redeployment

For investors from retrogressed countries, who are waiting for their CGCs, once they have fulfilled job creation requirements, they should be permitted to withdraw their funds.


No overselling shall exist in investor immigration program, as other countries do. Overselling should be stopped immediately! 9960 visas per year, 9960 applicants for both principles and derivatives.


To safeguard the interests of EB-5 investors
improve the conditions of EB-5 investors
promote fairness and integrity of EB-5 immigration program, industry and markets


We send our voice through various channels

First come first serve, isn’t it the basic rule of Fairness? Support S386! Employment-based immigration is based on merit and contribution to the USA, there should be no birthplace discrimination in it.


This beautiful complex is built under help of 3000+ EB5 investors’ fund. They contributed their lifetime savings to help the prosperity of the U.S.A. Their investment funds are used one project after another, indefinitely. However, they can not get the promised green cards and may have to wait outside the United States for a lifetime long.


There is a large influx of illegal immigrants, while legal immigrants are facing a backlog of 30-year or more . The immigration system has become a high wall for law-abiding people and a hotbed for lawbreakers. It’s time to change that. Support HR1044 and S386.